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Kanto region PokemonEdit

On this page you will see all the pokemon from the first generation (the Kanto region) and some information about them and you will also see their evolution chain and what moves they can learn what abilities they have and what type they are!!!



Type: Grass

Moves:--Tackle 3- Growl 7 -Leech seed 9 -Vinewhip 13- Poison powder 13 -Sleep powder 15 -Take down 19 -Razor leaf 21 -Sweet scent 25 -Growth 27 -Double edge 31 -Worry seed 33 -Synthesis 37 -Seed bomb

Abilities: Over grow

Evolutions: Ivysaur - Lv16

Bulbasaur is a reptile with a huge bulb on its back. it uses it to absorb sun light to become more powerful especially for its solar beam which is when it absorbs alot of sunlight and then blows it all out in a powerful beam. Bulbasaur from all over the place also come to a secret area called the mysterious garden where they all come to evolve into Ivysaur. You might have seen this on the episode bulbasaurs mysterious garden.



Type: Grass/Poison

Moves cont from Bulbasaur : 56- Solarbeam

Abilities: Over grow

Evolutions: Venusaur - Lv 32

Ivysaur is pretty much the same as Bulbasaur but it is bigger and stronger and the bulb on the back of Bulbasaur slightly opens revealing a flower bud. Ivysaur are more aggressive and learn Solarbeam a very good move and its ability Over grow helps because when the Ivysaurs HP is low its grass type attacks are multiplied in power by 1.5. Also Ivysaur can learn a special move called Frenzy pland which is when and roots burst out of the ground and hit the Ivysaurs opponent.

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